Tom completed his Music undergraduate in 2018 at the University of Sheffield where he was awarded the Dr Mo Sacoor Music Scholarship, and is now studying their Composition MA course for which is a recipient of the John Roach Postgraduate Scholarship. He approaches composition from an aesthetically-focused standpoint and often tries to incorporate properties of and concepts relating to the physical world around us in his works, taking inspiration from Le Corbusier, Xenakis and Aalto.


Additionally, Tom also has a deep interest in phonetics and language and enjoys composing with non-12EDO tuning systems to evoke different physical and aural sensations within the listener. Most of his compositions are based on subtle shades of different timbres and attempting to assert function within a ‘non-functional’ harmonic context. Tom most recently collaborated with poet Kathleen Swann for a commission by Leeds Lieder Festival 2019 where he performed his work The Bevin Boy alongside baritone and close friend William Kyle.